“Unconventional Wisdom Meets Dramatic Radio.” Oriented around issues, attitudes, theories, practice, ideals, and strategies, “SOUND and FURY” offers a weekly audio exploration of politics and culture. Combining topical music with the spoken word in all its forms, we seek wisdom through dramatic storytelling. Topics include (but are not limited to) nuclear brinksmanship, the balance between freedom and security, attitudes towards criminal justice, democracy and elections, social movements, and change agents.

* The producers would like to acknowledge the following performers and producers for their creative influences: Negativland (https://www.negativland.com/news/), Peter Bochan (https://beta.prx.org/stories/223784), Tom Compagnoni of Wax Audio (https://www.waxaudio.com.au/), Dickie Goodman (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lGGbnfQXJQ4) and all the great R & B and hip hop artists who have sampled their way into my heart and mind.